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Mashcor Offices
Mashcor Reception

Who We Are

We are an independent Digital Marketing agency that unlike many agencies has full control of its main marketing platform, our very own Search Engine

We are a fully functioning digital marketing agency with strategic partnerships that allow us to provide:

We are constantly adding services and capabilities to our already impressive roster of capabilities as a one-stop shop digital marketing agency.

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Our Vision

Due to the very nature of personalized search algorithms, a user out of Africa will not be able to search for “insurance” or “chiropractors” in Africa without turning off location finder and requesting exclusion of non-African businesses.

On Mashcor one simply types in the keyword and sees a list of African based results without contamination of results by non-African companies that do not even wish to do business with Africans.

This reduces competition for the local businesses that perhaps do not have the marketing budget or knowledge to compete with more seasoned competitors in their prospective niche.

The reduced competition increases exposure for local African businesses on a platform they can not only take full pride in claiming as their own but increases their awareness of how easy it is to build a website that is indexed right before their eyes and ranks somewhere in the first couple of pages (provided the website is optimized well enough for the relevant keywords).

The partnerships that are forged by Mashcor are based on an affiliate and cost per action model. There are some vendors that Mashcor works with as a white-label partner such as https://Mashcor.net, https://Airport.co.za, https://AffordableHotels.co.za, https://Pietermaritzburg.com, and https://Superaffiliate.co.za.

The income generated is re-invested back into the marketing of the brand Mashcor and the excess is directed towards the betterment of computer science in Africa and India (through our development partner Ncrypted Technologies)

Mashcor is currently in Beta testing mode as development enters phase 2.

After phase 2 is completed (estimated July 2019) we will be rolling out a strong media launch campaign which will see Mashcor’s growth take off more aggressively in the coming months to the year 2020.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put Africa squarely back in the center of the world economic map by uniting the once-fractured economic powers into a united tour de force.

Search 100%
Integrity 100%
Design 85%
Media Reach 75%

Our History

We started as an online marketing business and listings provider.

[porto_schedule_timeline_container type=”history”][porto_schedule_timeline_item subtitle=”2019″ image_id=”2805″ heading=”NEW OFFICES” animation_type=”fadeIn”]Moving into the new offices before the official launch of Mashcor Search Engine[/porto_schedule_timeline_item][porto_schedule_timeline_item subtitle=”2014″ image_id=”2554″ heading=”CREATION OF MASHCOR GROUP” animation_type=”fadeIn”]In 2014 Mashcor Group was officially created and a new direction was planned by the Managing Director, Thoriso[/porto_schedule_timeline_item][porto_schedule_timeline_item subtitle=”2007 – 2012″ image_id=”2812″ heading=”FOUNDATION” animation_type=”fadeIn”]The learning phase of Mashcor after the registration of the domain Mashcor.com

First a real estate investment forum.[/porto_schedule_timeline_item][/porto_schedule_timeline_container]

Meet Our Team

Mashcor’s Team Of Leaders and Entrepreneurs

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