How Did Mashcor Fund It’s Launch, Without Investors?

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How Did Mashcor Fund It’s Launch, Without Investors?

Dean Holland is offering his Free Affiliate PlayBook for anyone that has struggled with affiliate marketing or would like to create a successful online business.

Every time you hear about affiliate marketing you hear about over-night riches and money-ATMs that run all night and day while you are lying on some exotic locations sipping some drink with its own umbrella.

While this may seem too good to be true, we have seen and met individuals who not only have mastered affiliate marketing but have shaped it into the billion dollar industry you see before you.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the marketing of a product or service by a company or individual on their behalf.

Have you ever bought a house, a car or anything on Amazon? Chances are you bought those items or services after someone told you about either:

  1. Their experience using that item
  2. Their expert recommendation
  3. Or their intuition.

The person or company telling about the thing you bought gave you a link to buy the product or service directly and they received a commission for the sale.

Pretty simple and straightforward.

But if it is so simple why do people get it wrong?

There are many reasons why this model is flawed and why about 90% of the people do not make enough money from affiliate marketing to fund either their retirement on the beach or a startup like we did.

Most of those reasons Dean Holland has highlighted in his free affiliate’s playbook.

We at Mashcor found that we had some issues with:

  • Analysis Paralysisaffiliate marketers playbook
  • Poorly converting product
  • Inappropriate audience selection
  • Poor benefit highlights

We tried affiliate marketing many products or services but our biggest shortfall was that we couldn’t control traffic acquisition and we did not have a product we absolutely believed in.

That is why Mashcor the digital marketing agency with its own search engine was created.

Was Dean’s Affiliate PlayBook behind Mashcor?

No, Mashcor was a pet project from its founder.

Dean’s lessons were the fuel and power that gave Mashcor its unstoppable marketing strategy. We were going to launch Mashcor like many startups before but we needed an edge. And inside the pages of The Affiliate Playbook, we found our focus.

Can Dean Be Trusted?

We @ Mashcor would like to think so. Dean is really a caring individual who puts the needs of others in front of his own. Many super-affiliates (Affiliates earning six figures or more) do understand one thing that the 95% of the rest of the so so affiliates understand:

To be truly successful you have to serve the needs of the many!

  • You cannot half-ass your approach and pray you do not get caught.
  • You can’t cobble something together that people do not want and expect to survive.
  • It is very difficult to sustain success in the digital world with a flawed philosophy.

You should not take my word as truth or gospel.

Dean is giving you his ultimate playbook for free! You can order your copy and make up your own mind.

Here is our affiliate link to grab your free copy:

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you.

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