8 important lessons I learned from owning my own search engine — Lesson 1 of 8

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8 important lessons I learned from owning my own search engine — Lesson 1 of 8

Owning a search engine is not only challenging but rewarding. You get to see the internet-machinery at work and it is really awesome.
Another thing I get to watch is the whole process of how a website is structured and how it is crawled by crawlers.

For the next couple of weeks, I am going to share with you the lessons I learned from watching the most successful websites to the not so successful be crawled and indexed on Mashcor.

Let’s begin:

Lesson 1. The Hook.

Having your website indexed is easy and anybody can do it. The hook is the reason people should stay on your website after they made up their mind before taking the leap of faith and clicking on your website heading in the search index.

I see this with a lot of “me too websites”. The site gets indexed and ranks well but it fails to be relevant to the web surfer and it wastes their time. A good hook is beyond just having a professional, modern website with all the bells and whistles.

A good hook can keep visitors from clicking the dreaded BACK button even if the website is what some would consider ugly or plain.
Mashcor has a clean and uncluttered design. If I dared to say it very boring. But it has a good hook, it provides information to users that they requested.

Have you ever wondered why some companies are more successful than others?

They provide users with exactly what they asked for.

And companies that are losing their sales or “edge” are deviating from their core attraction (which is their initial hook) and favoring a weaker hook based on flawed and incomplete research into their customers’ needs and wants.

Your hook needs to provide your current and future customers EXACTLY what they asked for.

No more, no less and with minimal fuss.
The hook can be written, voice or video content.
People do not go to Mashcor to see it as a search engine, but they go to find the answers to their questions that they input as search queries.

That is the hook.

Hope you enjoyed this little lesson and let me know how I can improve on the message.

Stay tuned for lesson 2.

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