8 important lessons I learned from owning my own search engine – Lesson 6 of 8

8 important lessons I learned from owning my own search engine – Lesson 6 of 8

Please start with Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 and Lesson 4 and Lesson 5 in case you missed them. I will make references to them throughout this lesson. 

Lesson 6 Was the hardest of the Final 3 Lessons — Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance… 3P’s.

After starting Mashcor’s journey to being a viable search engine, everything started to come at me. Crawler failure, IP blacklistings, server bandwidth, server health, user support, memory capacity (mine and Mashcor’s) and dealing with other platforms.

I thought I was patient, persistent and could persevere. I was wrong and I did not enjoy learning that about myself.

Running a business built for scale is not easy and it has so many moving parts it makes one feel schizophrenic. Even though lesson 5 gave me self-understanding, I was forced to apply the 3P’s to keep me from self-sabotaging my progress at every single turn.

Believe me, when I say this, it was far easier to call it quits and walk away. I would gain peace, have less worry in my life and enjoy my days on earth.

But I have a duty to Africa. Mashcor isn’t just about me and my ego boost. It’s about shifting a really bad paradigm that has taken hold of this beloved continent of ours and forced us to still be economic slaves in the 21st century even though most of the world has attained enlightenment.


It is stories like the documentary you see here that make me push through the unbelievable inertia that has built up in Africa.

The residents of Rushlikon are not wrong in their actions or their vote. They are just unaware of the impact of their decision has on other people living a continent away. Would they still vote the same if they knew? It is not for me or anyone to judge.

My mission is to create a platform on which issues such as this can be illuminated by Mashcor without fear of repercussions by the controlling platforms that we chose to voice these concerns on. This video may be taken down on YouTube or Vimeo but on Mashcor TV it can continue to be broadcast to protect the integrity of the message.

Africa is a wealthy continent with a buying power of 1.2 Billion people!

That is a fact.

Most people, including myself, had no idea that the situations had become so dire. As long as Africa continues to languish at the bottom of the economic scale, I have no choice but to Persist, Persevere and to exercise Patience.

Hope you enjoyed this crucial lesson and it inspires you to find your 3P’s.

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