8 important lessons I learned from owning my own search engine – Lesson 8 of 8

8 important lessons I learned from owning my own search engine – Lesson 8 of 8

Please start with Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 and Lesson 4 and Lesson 5 and Lesson 6 and Lesson 7 in case you missed them. I will make references to them throughout this lesson.

Lesson 8 — Follow up and Customer Retention.

I left lesson 8 for last because it is how a business becomes a brand. It is how a brand goes from 6 figures to 8 or 9 figures and becomes a public company.

True Customer Satisfaction

It is the wind-up phase. Most businesses get this lesson so wrong it boggles my mind how they survive. Don’t get me wrong I have some theories and chief among them is churn.

Churn is the marketing term we use for customer turnover.

There are some industries (like digital marketing) that have the highest rate of churn. That is why we @ Mashcor manages our own search engine. It is partly a bragging point but it is also to manage customer needs-delivery and manage expectations. Through the search engine, we can see where the trends are headed. By looking at the searches for the month we know if winter is coming because flu and cold searches are spiking.

We know that searches are a rough guide to what people are looking for.

That is data gold for any digital marketing agency and that is why we have made the effort to serve our customers above and beyond the call of duty.

This has taught us that churn is inevitable due to forces beyond anyone’s control but we have managed to secure such a good relationship that the leaving customer is still happy to send us references. Just as the old hydra motto goes, cut off one head and two grow in its place (yes it’s a morbid saying but it feels that way sometimes when you lose a client).


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