influencer marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing? And How To Use It Effectively.

The evolution of marketing in the last decade or so has been amazing. While some of the traditional marketing avenues like T.V ads are still effective in reaching out to the masses, some of the marketing platforms are experiencing diminishing efficacy in as far as marketing is concerned. Case-in-point, advertising on print media such...

social media marketing

Using Social Media Platforms like Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Today, the majority of people all over the world have a Facebook account and another form of social media account of some kind. With these kinds of numbers, it's clear that we should be using social media to help us generate some serious traffic to our website(s). The best way to use social media to...


Why Every Business Must Invest In SEO?

Nowadays, more consumers than ever before are utilizing search engines to find different products and services they might want or need. As a result, businesses are having to adapt to these changes. While you might hear some people say that SEO is dead, that could not be further from the truth. The truth is,...


SEO Tips for Reviewing Web Page Content

A study completed by SEO Tribunal states websites with well-optimized content often sees a 2,000+% increase in their annual traffic numbers. Yes, the data is indeed staggering and alludes to the importance of well-written and well-positioned content. Unfortunately, too many contemporary SEO campaigns are reliant on off-page strategies when the answer actually lies closer to...